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What is a Bicycle Mayor?

Bicycle Mayors are independent and act as a catalyst to bring together the public and private realms to uncover the massive economic, health, and environmental benefits of increased cycling capacity.

They promote the many benefits of cycling, they identify and address the barriers to more people cycling and they are continuously in touch with the innovations, organizations and entrepreneurs that can help bring about a better cycling future. They identify solutions to local problems and work with others to ensure those ideas come true.

The program creates a highly influential network of city catalysts who are passionate about moving all aspects of cycling in cities from the fringes into the mainstream.


Who or what is this ‘Cyclespace’ everyone is talking about?

The Bicycle Mayor program was established and is managed by Cyclespace, an advocacy and action organisation headquartered in Amsterdam that is helping to accelerate the shift to human-centric cities. You could say Cyclespace are bicycle futurists, but that’s another story.

Cyclespace coordinates the Bicycle Mayor network but works with local partners in every city to identify and run competitions to elect local Mayors, and then support them to develop and implement their ideas for action.


How do the Mayors work?

The role of each Mayor will be vary according to the local challenges and opportunities in that city. The time required, the funding they can access and the way the Mayor works with local partners will all vary – in some cities, for example, the Mayor may even have a different title, to align with local custom. Cyclespace provides a toolkit to help every Bicycle Mayor fulfill their role according to the local need. Naturally – if you want to sponsor or support a local Mayor, we’d love to hear from you.

Crucially, a Bicycle Mayor is the voice of the cyclist in the city. They must be dedicated to this cause and will need to work with existing bicycle advocacy groups, political leaders, major projects and initiative funders, as well as with the business community.

Mayors could find ideas to improve local cycling from the worlds of digital technology, public policy, urban planning, architecture, product and service design, communication, wayfinding, and urban planning…. among others. The possibilities are endless.


What can cycling actually achieve?

An accelerated shift to cycling as the primary form of transport will usher in an era of happier cities and people. It will lead to fundamental changes.

*The carbon offset of a more bicycle-centric world will slow the warming and polluting of our planet.

*Cleaner air to breathe will cut down the huge numbers of premature deaths that occur in our cities every year.

*Greater exercise will boost physical and mental wellbeing, and will reduce problems such as heart disease and obesity.

*Individuals will save money and enjoy greater happiness and freedom.

*The money saved by the city and state can be put to use for resiliency, social, health, culture, and industry incubation programs.


What about my city?

To see what your local Bicycle Mayor is doing or be part of the movement to set up a new Mayor in your city, it’s all here.


Still have questions?

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