During the World Bike Forum of 2017 in Mexico-City, Areli Carreon has been elected as the Bicycle Mayor of Mexico-City. Areli is been active in cycling and urban mobility since 1998 after experiencing cycling in Canada while visiting her sister. Together with others she has an impressive track record. She now believes that collaboration with the government and private parties is the next step for better road safety and to get more people to commute by bike.


Focus points:

  • Duplicate the amount of cyclists in Mexico-City to 280.000 cycling trips per day in 2019 and improve road safety. Decrease the amount of accidents by 50% in 2019 and eventually by 100% in the longer term.
  • Double the cycling infrastructure, by focussing on connecting excisting bike paths and to connect different neighbourhoods and suburbs.
  • To organise at least 5 bottom-up initiatives with local cycling-, environmental- and neighborhood organizations, that empower citizens through the use of bicycles.
  • Build a network of cycling and related organizations that promote cycling culture, road safety and citizen initiatives to improve the walkability and livability of the streets of Mexico-City.