Bicycle Mayor Program

The Bicycle Mayor program is a global initiative to accelerate the progress of cycling in cities and help get another one billion people onto bikes. Pretty simple…

Bicycle Mayors are a catalyst to bring together the public and private realms to uncover the massive economic, health, and environmental benefits of increased cycling capacity. They are uncovering new ideas, working with others to deliver action and promoting innovations that support better cycling for all.

In June 2016, the world’s first Bicycle Mayor was elected in Amsterdam. Cyclespace – which coordinates the program – is now working with local partners to set up Mayors in cities around the world ahead of the first annual Bicycle Mayor conference in June 2017.

Will you join us?


For more information on the program, all your questions are answered here.

Want to see what your Bicycle Mayor is doing or want to set up a Mayor in your city? Let’s go.