Discover how Bicycle Mayors are the future of our cities

The Bicycle Mayor program is the focus of a free online event on Monday 21st November. The event is part of the Disruptive Innovation Festival (DIF) – a three-week online, global festival of ideas and debate. Join us online and find out what a Bicycle Mayor does and why your city needs one.

Event details:
Date: Monday 21st November
Time: 7pm GMT / 8pm CET
Join: Get online here a few minutes before the event starts and join the Google hangout.
#thinkdif #BicycleMayor


Amsterdam’s Bicycle Mayor – the first to be elected in the world – will be hosting an online event to share what she does with a global audience, and encourage the establishment of an international Bicycle Mayor network.

The hour-long event takes place on Monday 21st November as part of the Disruptive Innovation Festival (DIF) – a three week online, global festival of ideas and debate. Cities and cyclists in every continent – and in other parts of the Netherlands – are invited to join the event to learn how they can elect their own Bicycle Mayor and the many benefits this will bring.

Anna Luten was elected as Amsterdam’s Bicycle Mayor in June to drive forward the city’s commitment to cycling and act as the voice of cyclists in the city. She has been identifying challenges to better cycling and is working with organisations across the public and private sectors to develop solutions. The search is now on for more Mayors ahead of the first global Bicycle Mayor summit in Amsterdam, in June 2017.

For the DIF event, Anna joins Lee Feldman, co-founder of Cyclespace, which convenes the global Bicycle Mayor program.

Lee Feldman said: “We are pleased to be part of the Disruptive Innovation Festival – it’s all about celebrating where people are moving away from ‘business as usual’ and re-thinking the way things are done. That’s what a Bicycle Mayor does.

“Cities that embrace cycling are not only more liveable but remodeling cities around bikes is inspiring them to become fundamentally more sustainable. Increased cycling infrastructure uncovers massive economic, health, and environmental benefits. With so many cities under strain, we need Bicycle Mayors to help our cities to become more human-centric.”

The event is open to anyone and will be of interest to any individual or organisation that would like a Bicycle Mayor in their city, or who can help make this happen.

To submit a question to the event discussion, please email it in advance – send it to by Sunday 13th November.