Amsterdam Hackathon

On 1st November, Amsterdam’s Bicycle Mayor will host a Hackathon to discuss and develop ideas to address challenges to cycling in the city. Everyone is welcome so join us.

Amsterdam: your Bicycle Mayor needs you

Amsterdam’s Bicycle Mayor Anna Luten has identified three key questions that need to be answered to help improve cycling in the city.

  • How might we inspire young people to ride more and lock in the happiness and sense of potential and freedom that is associated with riding a bicycle?
  • How might we ensure safety in all cycling modes (commuter, parents with children, delivery bikes, ebikes, recreation, touring…) so that, regardless of the mode, a cyclist feels the least amount of stress and the greatest amount of joy?
  • How do we use the bicycle as a means for understanding the future of multimodal transport?

She will be hosting a ‘Hackathon’ workshop to identify ideas to address each question. It is intended that the idea for each question will then receive funding.


To reserve a place at the workshop, email

When: Tuesday 1st November, 18-22hrs

Where: Cyclespace, Westerpark